Interlude (2013), The National College of Art and Design, Dublin.


This work explores the presentment of identity at different stages in history. It also deals with proof of existence and how we have evolved from a world of little or no information on the ordinary individual, to the extensive online presence many of us maintain.

S***e, the Blight

with Stephen Considine, (2014). 


This short film is a satirical look at how the Great Potato Famine can be compared with the modern 'problems' of Ireland.


Tunnelling Art and Science (2013), Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin.


A collaborative piece between art students from the National College of Art and Design and physic students from University College Dublin. Niamh O'Toole (NCAD), Conor Horgan-Gaul (NCAD), James Doolan (UCD) and Cormac Ó Cillín (UCD). This work deals with the differing approaches in investigating the physical world  in both the areas of art and science.


End of Core Year Exhibition (2011), The National College of Art and Design, Dublin


This work (completed in my first year at NCAD) is a depiction of the changing use of language in Ireland. This issue has naturally re-appeared in my work in my final few months at NCAD. 


NCAD Graduate Show (2014), NCAD, Dublin.

Inheritance (noun) -
Something, as a quality, characteristic, or other immaterial possession, received from progenitors or predecessors as if by succession.

This video installation deals with the inheritance of culture and language from generation to generation; the struggle between traditionalism and modernity and how the lack of understanding between groups amplifies this conflict. The changing use of language in Ireland due to the impact of modernism is the central theme. The traditional use of the environment is superseded, its prominence is waning. Modern telecommunication technologies have an increased importance, replacing the more personal form of communication through story telling. The past makes way for the future, in todays Ireland.

Projection on Sheeps Wool

Interrupting the Screen (2012), old A4 Art, Thomas Street, Dublin.

Washing Machine

Second year moving image project (2011)


This video piece deals with the passage of time and the ramification of technology on culture and landscape, issues that have been a major component of my work.

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